Timing belts

High-performance timing belt made of Polyurethane

The high performance polyurethane timing belt combines the entire ContiTech experience from the automotive and other industrial sectors.

Similar belts are used for extreme applivations with extremely high forces, for example racing sports or for special agricultural technology. The specifically developed belt of the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM convinces through its durability and flexibility. It is resistant to all weather conditions, oil or detergents.


Special treated fabric

  • Faultless meshing
  • Optimal abrasion protection
  • Available in black or yellow

Polyurethan teeth

  • High tensile strength
  • Resistant to various media
  • Resistant to UV-light and ozone

Tension member Carbon cord with S/Z twists wound in pairs

  • Optimal drive transmission
  • S/Z twist avoids sprocket drop-off
  • Resistant to reverse bending


Harmonic Tooth / Pulley Engagement

Harmonic Tooth / Pulley Engagement

A completely new riding experience

CDS timing belt with a width of 8 mm


Available in black or black-yellow