Continental Launches Special CDS Cargo Belt Drive

for e-Cargo Bikes

Hanover, December 2015 Conti Drive System now has three product lines: premium, eco, and cargo. The new 12 mm cargo product line is for special applications such as e-Cargo bikes. And the new 8 mm carbon belt is for the CDS Premium product line.

With the CDS cargo product line, Continental is presenting a special belt drive variant developed for e-cargo bikes, and is thus improving the everyday suitability of electrically powered cargo bikes in particular. This product line is made up of aluminum/stainless steel sprockets 12 mm in width, and a carbon belt 12 mm in width. These are mainly designed for high loads. This means that the advantages of a Continental belt are transferred to the cargo bicycle segment, the target group for which places special demands on commercial vehicles. In particular, the easy and maintenance-free handling and higher service life contribute to better everyday suitability, and thus to an upgrading of cargo bicycles. Derived from the launch of a carbon belt, a carbon belt 8 mm in width is being added to the CDS premium variant, to be used in combination with special transmissions or e-bike drives.

New CDS cargo product line with carbon belts for special types of applications

Unlike the 8 mm width in the premium and eco variant, the new cargo line features belt sprockets 12 mm in width made of aluminum/stainless steel, complemented by a 12 mm carbon belt. This product line is aimed in particular at special types of applications such as e-cargo bikes, in which particularly high loads act on the belt drive. The belt's wider sprockets and carbon tensile members result in a much higher upper load limit, and are designed for a maximum gross vehicle weight of 290 kg. An initial sample application for CDS cargo is the e-cargo bike from Hercules.

The new 12 mm carbon belt is based on the 14M tooth profile of the existing aramid belt, and thus offers the familiar advantages of a Continental belt:

  • Lower belt tension, and hence better protection for internal bearings and hubs
  • Easy to handle and almost maintenance-free (no oils)
  • High tolerance values regarding parallelism and angle errors
  • Light and clean thanks to a dry run
  • Pleasant and quiet ride comfort

Three CDS product lines for optimum drive variants

The new CDS cargo line joins the existing product lines CDS premium and eco, and complements them perfectly in terms of different applications for belt-drive systems. Continental thus offers belt-drive systems for different bicycle designs. Entry-level belt models, higher-quality bicycles, or special cargo bicycles: the Conti Drive system offers an optimally designed belt drive variant for every bicycle segment (see picture with overview table).

In addition to the new CDS cargo product line, a carbon belt 8 mm in width is being added to CDS premium. Since CDS premium already offers numerous possible uses for all conventional hub gear shifts, e-bike drives, and transmissions, the 8 mm carbon belt constitutes an additional alternative for bicycle manufacturers. With 30 percent more tractile force compared with the 8 mm aramid belt, the carbon variant is used in particular for specifications with increased force transmission or bicycle designs with a high load potential. In particular, transmissions with a high stage reduction as well as drives with a very high torque are among the recommended applications.

Product line
CDS premium 8 mm carbon Front: aluminum
Rear: stainless steel
Transmissions with high stage reduction and e-drives with high torque
CDS premium 8 mm aramid Front: aluminum
Rear: stainless steel
Shimano Alfine/Nexus, SRAM, NuVinci, Sturmey Archer, freewheel
CDS eco 8 mm aramid Front: composite
Rear: composite with
stainless steel inlay
Entry-level belt models with Alfine/Nexus, Sturmey Archer
CDS cargo 12 mm carbon Front: aluminum
Rear: stainless steel
Special applications such as e-cargo bicycles

With the CDS product lines premium, eco, and cargo, Continental offers belt-drive systems for different applications and bicycle designs.


12 mm carbon belt (14M)


8 mm aramid or carbon belt (14M)

Continental offers new opportunities for using belts with the new carbon belt with a width of 8 or 12 mm. In particular, the new cargo product line with sprockets 12 mm in width and carbon belts 12 mm in width has been designed for high loads such as e-cargo bicycles. The 8 mm carbon belt is also a further belt option in the CDS premium product line.