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What are the advantages of the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM?

Conti® Drive System

The CDS is light, clean and quiet. Because it requires no oil for lubrication, a dry run of the belt is enabled. This is the reason for a unique, smooth riding experience with excellent power transmission and high efficiency.

In addition, the CDS does not require any maintenance, since oiling or re-tensioning of the chain are not required. Extensive tests have also shown that the life expectancy of the CDS is more than twice as long as a chain. Thus the system is also suitable for frequent travelers who require a durable, maintenance-free system. To find out more advantages of the system and to find out what benefits the CDS has over other belts, please check our system comparison.


  • Less running noise
  • Dry running and no oil usage
  • Smooth riding feeling at same power transmission
  • Maintenance-free
  • User- and service-friendly

Every system has disadvantages. Which disadvantages does the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM have?

Unlike a conventional chain, a belt cannot be opened and closed again. This requires special adaptations to the frame. The frame must be opened to insert the belt into the rear frame triangle. Different frame manufacturers have found different solutions for this obstacle, which do not stand out at first glance. For more flexibility regarding the transmission, we recommend a horizontally-adjustable dropout.

Which system variations are available?

Conti® Drive System

With different compositions of front and rear sprockets in line with variable belt lengths, the system offers many variations to setup your individual system with the desired transmission ratio. While choosing your individual CDS system, please consider the chain stay length which has to be compatible to your bike frame. More information can be found under “System transmissions”.

The belt is available in eye-catching yellow or black.

Can I upgrade my bicycle with the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM?

Conti® Drive System

If you have a bicycle with a belt compatible frame, an upgrade with the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM is possible without any problems. However, please pay attention to the correct chain stay lengths and transmission of the selected components. Basically, we do not recommend a hand-made retrofitting with standard frames as any frame change is affecting the security and warranty of the bike.

Do I need a special rear wheel mount for the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM ?

Conti® Drive System

The CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM is available in different variants and a special mount is not required.

For the front sprocket, a standard 4-bolt mount (104mm bolt circle diameter) and 5-bolt mount (130mm bolt circle diameter) are available. Special versions include Bosch and Pinion mount.

For the rear wheel, special sprocket versions are available for hubs like the SRAM I-Motion / Alfine / Nexus, SRAM G8, Rohloff and NuVinci. Additionally, there is a freewheel option for single speed solutions.

What has to be considered for the installation?

For optimal functionality of the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM, a correct belt tension and belt line are essential.

To set up these parameters correctly, the selected CDS composition first of all has to be compatible with your bike frame. Make sure that the sprocket spacing, which results from the combination of sprocket and belt length, fits to the chain stay length of your frame. With the special tooth profile, the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM can be driven with lower belt tension compared to other systems. Nevertheless, this must be set according to a defined dimension to obtain a quiet ride and to protect the system components.

Too low belt tension can lead to "skipping". The belt teeth are sliding over the sprocket and the rider will feel the belt jumping. The skipping can be dangerous and lead to injuries. On the other hand, too much tension can result in an overuse and higher wear of the components. Furthermore, this can also damage the bottom bracket, the inner bearing and the rear hub.

What is the belt’s pretension and how can I measure it?

The belt tension must be pre-set at about 75N. This corresponds to a central belt sag of 25mm, if the upper side of the belt is centrally loaded with 5 kg. However, this is only a rough estimation. For an ideal system set up, we recommend using the original CDS tools.

Is a replacement of used sprockets possible?

The sprocket replacement is possible and works depending on hub version, just like an exchange of a pinion. After each sprocket replacement we recommend to check and readjust the belt line and tension if required. See also: “Assembly instructions”

What is the product life cycle of the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM?

The CDS provides a mileage of up to 15,000 km, which is a significantly higher life expectancy comparable to a chain. Its durability depends on the environment, maintenance, installation and rider's handling.

What is the weight of the entire system?

The lightest version weighs 278g (with 88 front sprocket, 130g rear sprocket and 60 belt). The exact weights can be found in the categories “belts”.

How efficient is the CDS drive sytem comparaed to a chain?

Many tests have shown that the CDS efficiency is equivalent to the efficiency of a chain. However, a chain’s drive efficiency decreases in case of poor maintenance and through the natural elongation. In contrast, the belt efficiency remains constant.

How can you avoid belt skipping?

Conti® Drive System

The CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM has, in contrast to other belt drives, a larger tooth pitch (14M). This means that the teeth and the distance between the teeth are larger, thus a significantly higher skip security is guaranteed. In addition, the low pre-tension has a positive effect on the product life of the bearing and frame components.

How to prevent a belt run-off?

Conti® Drive System

With the belt’s S/Z-flushing of the Carbon cord, the drainage can be prevented. With optimal alignment of the pulleys to each other, the belt will not expire. In addition to the pulley flanges are installed. These are arranged diagonally (front pulley outside, rear pulley inside) so that the belt on impact or small installation errors of disk alignment remains on the pulleys and is always returned to its starting position.

Is the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM UV-resistant?

The CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM is resistant to UV radiation.

At what temperatures I can use the system?

It can be used at an ambient temperature of -15°C to 45°C.

Can I clean the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM and can detergents damage the system?

Conti® Drive System

The system is resistant to the effects of soap and lye. So you can clean your bike with CDS without any problems. To increase the CDS product life, we recommend cleaning the system just for heavier contamination by sand or mud.

Can I wrap or buckle together the belt for easier storage?

Conti® Drive System

The belt’s Carbon tension member is responsible for power transmission and therefore an important element for the drive system. An extreme bending or violent twisting can still damage the Carbon tension member and shorten the product life.

Are there specially skilled dealers for the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM?

A dealer network is currently under construction. Through our “Dealer Index” you will soon find the right service partner in your area.

Are spare parts available?

The spare parts processing is handled only through retailers.

Whom can I contact, if my questions have not been answered by the FAQs?

On our contact page you will find a suitable contact person for your individual concern.